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The following persons have their Birth registered under their Mother’s name of  Gathergood
NO Father’s name is recorded on the Birth Certificate.

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Persons having the GATHERGOOD name from their mother.

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               i. EDWIN GATHERGOOD
                                  Born - Bet. Oct - Dec 1931, Glandford Brigg, Lincolnshire
                                  Died - Bet. Apr - Jun 1932, Glandford Brigg, Lincolnshire

              ii. ENID J GATHERGOOD
                                  Born - Bet Jan - Mar 1945, Norwich (Outer), Norfolk
                                  Married - JOHN H HOWARD, Bet Jul - Sep 1967, Downham, Norfolk

             iii. HELEN J GATHERGOOD
                                  Born - Bet Oct - Dec 1946, Norwich, Norfolk
                                  Married (1) ROGERS.
                                  Married (20 ARTHUR W LAMBERT, Bet Jan - Mar 1964, North Walsham, Norfolk

              iv. MICHAEL GATHERGOOD
                                  Born - Bet Apr - Jun 1948, North Walsham, Norfolk

                                  Born - Bet Jul - Sep 1950, Norwich, Norfolk     

              vi. LOUVIAN GATHERGOOD
                                  Born Bet - Apr - Jun 1959, Newcastle upon Tyne  

             vii. MATHEW ROY GATHERGOOD
     Born - Dec 1988, Chilten/South Bucks.  

            viii. MARK SHERWOOD GATHERGOOD    
Born May 1990, Slough   

              ix. JULIE PATRICIA GATHERGOOD   
                                  Born May 1991, Slough  

               x. RICHARD PETER GATHERGOOD  
                                  Born - Nov 1994, Worthing

              xi. SAM GATHERGOOD    
                                  Born - Mar 1995, Surrey NW District    

             xii. JOSHUA ANDREW GATHERGOOD   
Born - Oct 2002, West Surrey   

             xiii. JAYDON REECE GATHERGOOD   
                                  Born - Aug 2006, Norwich                    

 Name entries highlighted in  RED  are Infant Deaths
 (Under 2 years old)

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