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The following list is of children known to have a mother whose Last Name/Surname is Gathergood .
No record of a marriage has been found to the person whose name they carry as a Last Name/Surname.
The mother’s name of  
GATHERGOOD is recorded on  the Birth Registration Index Records for the persons listed.

       Children of  PARTNERED GATHERGOODS are:

                i. BENJAMIN JAMES W  EDGAR,
                                  Born -   1984, Newcastle Upon Tyne                  

                ii. LAURA ANN EDGAR,
                                  Born -   1990, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

               iii. SAM CULLEY,
                                  Born -   1995, Surrey NW.            

                                  Born -   1997, Kings Lynn Norfolk.

               v. JOSHUA ANDREW APPLEBY,
                                  Born -   2002, West Surrey.  

              vi. WILLOW  ANNWYN DAINS,
                                  Born -   2003, Oxfordshire.

              vii. SAMANTHA JOANNE  DANIELS,  
                                  Born -   2004, Kings Lynn Norfolk.

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