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Last revised/updated  August 2015

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 Middlesboro              >>>

           2 persons only

    <<<                        Middlesboro

 Stockton                     >>>

           1 person only

    <<<                              Stockton

 Cleveland                   >>>

           1 person only

    <<<                             Cleveland

Durham                       >>>

           1 person only

    <<<                                Durham

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The North East England REGION are defined as the towns of Middlesboro and Stockton-on-Tees plus places in Durham, Cleveland and Northumberland.
This particular REGION has a few unrelated Gathergood Families. Over time quite a number of Gathergood families have moved to this REGION and a number still reside here.
The majority of these families originate in Norfolk and therefore their family lines start in the  NORFOLK REGION AREAS.

                                                  The Master Index
If you are in any doubt as to where to find a particular person - please go to the Master Index and obtain the Region/Area reference which indicates. where to start your search.
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Tracing a person known to be associated with this Region/Area.
Go to the last page of an Area and search backwards using the  <<<Back    function.
When you find the entry you are interested in then use the  
PARENT NAME / CHILD NAME functions to trace back and forward through the generations.

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