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Last revised 23rd Dec. 2015

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       You are reminded that in many cases information supplied may cause concern and distress. All that can be said is that the information provided or supplied comes from public domain records of the past. What has happened has happened.

       To avoid a possible risk of identity fraud birth dates for persons born in the last 100 years and have no recorded death have been edited so as not to give a precise birth date.

        Where a 3 month quarter date range is given this is usually the period within which the birth was registered

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       The Index contains :-  1125 Gathergood names and 2837 Related persons names
        Please note - Not all Related persons appear in the web site pages.
        If you require information on persons so listed please contact Mike Gathergood the site owner

                                                                                           MASTER INDEX
The purpose of the Master Index is to provide a method by which a Gathergood or Related Family  name person can be located within the web site pages which contain a number of family lines or groups.
The individual lines or groups are stored and found by the use of
 Region and Area code..
To use the Index you require a Gathergood or Related person name and an approximate date of birth.
The Master Index has two parts (1) For Gathergood named persons (2) For Related persons (i.e. the birth name of  a lady marrying  a Gathergood male or children of Gathergood females who have married into another family).
An Index entry where possible contains the following information :-
Last Name/Surname, First Names ~ Birth date, Location ~ Death date, Location ~ Region Name, Area Name
The Region Name, Area Name  is the place to go from the First Page of the site to find a specific family line or group.
When you access the first page of a particular Region/Area you are advised to go to the end (last page) of the Area and use the
<<<Back  function to search back up the records until you locate the person concerned. Then you can use the PARENT/CHILD relationship functions to trace  back and forth within that particular line or group.
If you require additional information about a person, family or line/group then please contact
Mike C Gathergood  the site owner will always try and assist in your research.
If you find a transcript error or have any concerns about the data presented in this site the please contact
Mike (just point/click on my name to send an email)

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