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London Region Gathergood and related Families

The London Region of the Gathergood Family Web Site provides information on several Gathergood family groups that at present mainly start in the Westminster area of London.
It is expected that these families will all trace back to Norfolk if early family Birth, Marriage and Death records were to be found.
There are many Gathergood family members who later move to London and the South East but their family origins are in Norfolk and are therefore recorded in the Norfolk Regions and Areas.
If in any doubt always start your search for a person in the
MASTER INDEX to obtain the Region and Area in which to start your personal search.


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Tracing a person known to be associated with one of the areas
Go to the last page of an Area and search backwards using the  <<<Back    function.
When you find the entry you are interested in then use the  
PARENT NAME / CHILD NAME functions to trace back and forward through the generations.

To select a London Area click on its First or Last Page name in relevant GREEN box.

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